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Installed Cobra 75, 4 foot firestik, external speaker and wiring for a great price!! The guys are great at what they do and very customer oriented!! I would recommend them to anyone!!

-Mike C.
I had a stereo installed in my Camry with these guys. The price was excellent and the stereo is amazing. After my battery died the radio needed to be reset and I couldn't figure it out, I took it to them and they showed me how to reset it while they were resetting it. All around great guys to deal with.

-Christine K.
I've used Auto Outfitters for a couple years for my Jeep and Motorcycle communications and CB systems. They're a great bunch of guys, with excellent service and great prices. They support local clubs and are happy to help without pushing the most expensive gadgets at unknowing customers. Highly recommended!
-Johnathan K.
I wanted to get a CB setup in my car for long trips, but don't really know much about them. After spending hours researching online and getting headaches with confusing information and unhelpful online companies, I found these guys. It's exactly how a shopping experience should be--gave them a call, and Tom was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Showed up the next day, and he had everything I needed and even offered to solder the plug for free, and also said I can bring the setup back if I can't figure out how tune it.

He's a walking encyclopedia--every question a customer threw at him he had a very clear and informative answer (and also showed that he keeps up with the latest technology). They've gained a loyal customer now :-)

-Eman R.
I learned about these guys from my Jeep club. I needed a CB for trail communication. I walked in and was greeted by Tom immediately. He asked me a few questions about my intentions, walked outside and looked at my Jeep, then we went back in and he started pulling stuff off of the shelf. We went to the register, he rung me up and I was heading home with a complete CB package that included antenna, license plate mount, coax cable, and of course the CB. No hassle, no wondering around the store, no headaches!!!! After I installed the CB I brought it back and they tuned the antenna for me on the spot. I would highly recommend these guys!!!


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